Reduce Your Risk of Falling With Sturdy Stair Treads

Reduce Your Risk of Falling With Sturdy Stair Treads

We'll help you choose hardwood stair treads in Summerville or Charleston, SC

Have your stair treads seen better days? The professionals at Flat River Staircase can replace them. We can install hardwood stair treads in homes in Summerville, SC.

Many of our clients choose red oak stair treads, but you can choose any type of material you want. You can bundle a stair tread replacement with your staircase remodel project or make the replacement its own project. If you have carpet covering your stairs, we can remove it and install your new stair treads efficiently.

Don't let old stair treads make you hesitate before you take your next step. Travel up and down your staircase safely with custom hardwood stair treads. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Leave the stair tread work to the professionals

Installing stair treads isn't as easy as you think. Don't risk hiring a company who won't take the time to do the job right the first time. Turn to Flat River Staircase for hardwood stair treads in Summerville, SC because:

  • We have 13 years of industry experience
  • Our attention to detail sets us apart from the rest
  • We offer affordable stair tread options

Are you ready to replace the stair treads in your home? Meet with us today to discuss all of your options.